Novartis Glivec

Novartis AG v. Union of India and Glivec patenting

Reasons, Results and Repercussions of India’s fight against evergreening Preena Salgia, Student of Law, NLIU, Bhopal Glivec, an anti-cancer ... Continue Reading →

KSRTC vs KSRTC, the Trademark issue

The state claimed transport enterprises in Kerala and Karnataka are in a go head to head over the issue. Albeit both the road transport enterprises have been working under the moniker ... Continue Reading →

Legal challenges on account of domain names

Prof. (Dr.) Sreenivasulu N.S1and Jagadish. A.T2. Domain names are assets of cyberspace3. The quintessence of domain name lies in the fact that, with growth of internet the magnitude ... Continue Reading →

International Trade in Gambling Services

Parth Chandra1and Sajid Sheikh2. In World Trade Organisation (WTO) jurisprudence, ‘gambling & betting services’ includes any activity involving the placing of bet or wager, ... Continue Reading →

No infringement in using similar prefixes by registered owners

Shatrunjay Bose, Student of law UPES, Dehradun The Bombay High Court stated that if two parties have registrated their trademarks using identical prefix, those parties can use the same ... Continue Reading →

Transfer Pricing: Analysis of LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd Case

Devang Bhasin and Aishwarya Diwan1.  “The taxation of income from intangibles is perhaps the most important large case issue in the inter-company transfer pricing world today2.” ... Continue Reading →

Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Protection and Intellectual Property: Striking a balance

Evangelia Linaki, Research Associate In view of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on 9 August, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the contribution of Indigenous ... Continue Reading →

Merger Control under Competition Act

Suchismita Pati, NUJS, Kolkata After the opening of liberalization gates in 1991, the world economy has witnessed profound changes in the market. Corporate reorganizations in the form ... Continue Reading →

Copyright infringement and protection

Author: Abhinav Gaur, Research Associate The first Copyright Act (India) was passed in the year 1914. Currently, the Copyright Act, 1957 governs the copyright law in India. The original ... Continue Reading →

Significance of Remedies Available In Intellectual Property Rights

Author: Abhinav Gaur, Research Associate Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium, this latin phrase expedites upon the fundamental of theory of every judicial system, which means where there is a right, ... Continue Reading →

Misleading Advertisements: Concept, Concerns and Remedies

Author: Aniruddha Jain “Advertising may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it”1- Stephen Leacock. ... Continue Reading →

Foreign Direct Investment in Retail – implications of the new regime

Author: Varsha Aithala “India remains a high potential market with accelerated retail growth of 15-20 per cent expected over the next five years1.“ ... Continue Reading →

IPR and Competition Law Regime: Towards a Common Goal

Ashwini Siwal, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. The present paper is divided into four parts; the first part consists of a brief introduction. In its second ... Continue Reading →

Intellectual Property: The Dominant Force In Future Commercial Transactions Comprising Mergers and Acquisitions

Authors : Puneet Yadav & Prashant R Dahat There is a well-established statutory, administrative and judicial framework to safeguard intellectual ... Continue Reading →

India Trademark Attorney

There are two ways to become an India Trademark Attorney. One being eligible by professional qualification to practice before the Trade Mark Registry of India or pasing the qualifying ... Continue Reading →

Conflict between Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights

Competition Law and its conflict with IPR Author: VS Warrier In pursuit of globalization, India has responded positively by opening up its economy, removing controls and resorting ... Continue Reading →

Outsourcing and its Economic effect – With special reference to Legal Process Outsourcing.

Author: Kanishk Thakur IN TODAY’S competitive world of business, gaining efficiency and staying profitable have become the corporate “mantras”. Like other BPO (Business Process ... Continue Reading →