How to select a topic for article publication

Selection of topic is an important factor for preparing a research paperアンティーク シルバー スプーンセット(ゴールドプレート)銀 スプーン セット イギリス walker&hall 食卓 食器 ディナー 食事. It has got an important role in deciding whether【まとめ買い】【アイセン工業】【ペタッ!と貼りつく】BX801 貼りつくバスクリーナーGR【1個】×240個セット (4901105258326), the paper has to be considered for publicationビアンコジャパン(BIANCO JAPAN) 御影石クリーナー キュービテナー入 20kg GS-101. Most of the journals across the globe prefers to publish articles or research papers積層 プラスチック カラー中華まな板 大 153mm ブルー, which got contemporary relevance仏壇 ミニ仏壇 家具調仏壇 モダン仏壇デザイン仏壇 スリーカラー12号ダークグレー×レッド. Only then美腰ボディウェア ブラックM/24点入り(代引き不可)【S1】, they can increase their circulation or readership【高級パナマハット(パナマ帽)/Homero Ortega(オメロオルテガ)】VINO(ヴィーノ)≪本場エクアドル製パナマハット、本パナマ草100%の手編み中折れハット(ストローハット)メンズ/レディ.

Henceダイニングセット(ロレイン5H135LBR/マライア3/ロレイン3) ニトリ 【送料無料・配送員設置】 【5年保証】, one should keep in mind that2017年度【送料無料/在庫有】 KOIZUMI コイズミ コイズミ 学習机 CD COMPACT 女の子カラー 男の子カラー 学習デスク デスク LED ライト 勉強机 コンパクト CDコンパクト , if I write an article it shall be read by maximum people絵画 インテリア 額入り 壁掛け 油絵 エドガー・ドガ テオドール・ゴビラール夫人(イヴ・モリゾ) F20サイズ F20号 727x606mm 絵画 インテリア 額入り 壁掛け 油絵. In this regard, one shall always chose a topic from any of the contemporary legal issue. For example, in India telecom companies placed their representation before, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) that, after the introduction of VoIP services such as Skype, Whatsapp, Viber etc., the net revenue of telecom operators are decreasing. Since, both VoIP and telecom operators are providing similar services, it is necessary to regulate even the VoIP services.

Therefore, the telecom operators asked permission to charge separately for the use of above-mentioned VoIP services. Further, there was a new concept of net neutrality arose recently, where few service providers decided to provide access only to certain websites to those who are availing their service. In the light of these issues, you may consider the topic of Net Neutrality and may come up with an article like “How death of net neutrality will kill net activism”.

Similarly, you may consider other issues like execution of death sentence to Mr. Yakub Memon. In the light of said case you may choose the topic death sentence in today’s word, and may come up with a criticism on the practices of execution of death sentence. For example;

  • Is it time to abolish death sentence?
  • Why death penalty should be abolished?
  • Why death penalty should not be abolished?

Hope we were able to deliver the concept effectively so that, you got an idea on how to chose a topic for article writing and its publication. Read more on How to publish an article?

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