[Breaking] Wife cannot evict her husband from matrimonial home

Family court on Mumbaiブルブル bulbul 腕時計 OBLONG BLB020023 Black/Black, while considering a wife’s interim application to evict her husband from the apartment where both of them were living along with their childゴミステーション 大型ゴミ箱お客様組立 タクボ物置 クリーンキーパー CK-Z2219 30世帯用 一般型・結露減少型 幅2200×奥行1922×高さ2110mm, on the ground thatカスパー・ダーヴィト・フリードリヒ 海辺の僧侶 M30サイズ M30号 910x606mm ※個人宛配送・代引不可※絵画 インテリア 額入り 壁掛け 油絵 カスパー・ダーヴィト・フリードリヒ, she pays the equated monthly instalments (EMI) to repay the loadサイドボード(ダイニングボード) 【幅120cm】 木製(天然木) ガラス扉/引き出し付き ブラウン 【完成品】【代引不可】, held thatキルティングデザインコーナーカウチソファ【ROUDE 20】ルード20 ミドル 「ソファ ソファー カウチソファ コーナーソファ 3人掛け」 【あす楽】;

if both contribute to the householdアルカフトゥーラ ARCA FUTURA 自動巻き メンズ 腕時計 時計 978EWH スケルトン/シルバー ホワイト【楽ギフ_包装】, either this way or that wayメレル レディース ランニング スポーツ Merrell All Out Blaze Aero Sport Shoe – Womens Sea Pine, a particular spouse cannot claim exclusive rightアルミ台車 幅900×奥行き590×高さ856mm【UC-2】, ownership or title in the household propertyホノミ漢方薬 チョウケイ錠「加味逍遥散」360錠×5個【剤盛堂薬品】【第2類医薬品】【4987474447219】【送料無料!】【メール便?ネコポス不可】, merely because either the property stands in her name or she has contributed financiallyファイントラック(finetrack) フローティングロープ 6.5×200 YL FWG0204.

It was a case where, the wife prayed for an interim relief asking the husband to vacate the house on following grounds. Wife contented that, she is paying the EMI and she further alleged that, she is also a victim of cruelty. However, the respondent husband pleaded that, though wife pays the EMI, he spend around Rs. 90000/- per month towards the family expenses.

Court however, after considering the arguments from both the side, referred to a Bombay high court judgment, which observed that if a husband shows negative treatment like disturbing the matrimonial life and jeopardizing the safety and security of the spouse and children, then such an interim injunction could be granted. “No such contention is raised in this application. On the contrary, the grounds mentioned show that this is the normal bickering which occurs in an ill-tuned family“.

Court further observed that, husband’s absent-mindedness of not removing the key from the keyhole while entering the house would be an unintended nuisance to the wife, but it couldn’t be a ground for throwing him out of the house and not giving bath to a daughter cannot be a ground for the wife for excluding the husband from a property.

Court, however while rejecting the interim application of the wife advised the parents to keep peace for the child’s sake until the petition is decided.

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