Tinted glasses…!!

Author : Rajiv Krish

Thought of the day was Rule 100 (2) of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, which reads as follows: “The glass of every motor vehicle shall maintain visual transmission of light not less than 70% in the front and the rear and 50% in the sides”.

Recently the Supreme Court ordered respective enforcement authorities to ensure that all the vehicles comply with this provision of the Rule. For me, it meant that I have to remove the tinted glass in my car. What they are asking me to do is to severe my relation with a strong shield (sticker) which gave me shelter from the hot sunlight, which protected me from visual poachers, for which I spent about 2000 bucks. Now, how to do that? Options are: Break the glass and fix new glass or pay 500-1000 bucks and get it done by a pro without any guarantee as to the quality of removal or succumb to the authorities demand and pay fine when I am caught… What should I do?

I was pondering over these thoughts while on a traffic block. Radio Mango, which told me about this order first, were playing sweet melodies. To me it felt like pathos tune and as every human being, I started scratching while I was thinking about the sticker. This time I was scratching the sticker itself… Alas..!! the sticker slowly started responding to the senses of my nails, it started peeling out.. I got the boost, and pulled it down, a quarter portion of the sticker jumped out to freedom and it never struck back… I was puzzled in the midst. I cannot stick it back, nor did I want to take it out on my own… But virtue made me do that – I pulled the sticker next to my seat, totally.

As is said “fear is born out of ignorance”, if you have the courage to start it, you can do anything in the universe, you can fulfill dreams, you can conquer mountain Everest.. and you can remove tinted glass stickers also… all by you, yourself. And my confidence boosted to such an extent that I removed the seat belt, turned sideward, backwards towards the left and right, Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! Four stickers from the window panes gave way like the cat which meows and walks behind you holding a piece of flesh. Thattathin mara oori (removed the shield). I am compliant with the Law now! I am a good citizen.

I relaxed, fears freed out and the music from FM radio was sweeter than ever. Even then, the block continued….!

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